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A space for time lapse filmmakers to earn from their videos & audiences to discover & reward talent.


The TimeLapse Channel™ is a space or virtual theater for gifted time lapse filmmakers to earn from their videos and audiences to discover and reward talented creators. Sounds great right, but what does that mean?

There are some wonderful places online to find and view some amazing time-lapse video – no doubt about it. But it seemed to us that they were scattered all over the internet. The TimeLapse Channel will be a destination site where viewers can be certain to find a carefully selected, regularly released series of extraordinary time-lapse videos.

While there will be advertising in and around the films to pay the bills, no pop-ups will be allowed or other annoyances that will excessively distract from the timelapse.

If you find something that is annoying or popping up, please send us a note through our contact page and let us know.

The dreaded advertising is important. In fact, unlike other venues, we will share* some of the advertising revenue with our featured* filmmakers to reward their efforts and encourage their creativity.

Nothing helps get you to location before sunset like the cash for a full tank of gas and some delicious chow.

But the timelapse photographers or filmmakers will have other ways to capture rewards for their work too. Each featured film will include a button for a viewer to leave behind a tribute or tip or whatever we end up calling it – it will be cash money – the vast majority* of which goes straight to the filmmaker. Other films that we offer as curated selections (these will be videos we discover and simply share) won’t enjoy these revenue earning benefits. So if you want to make money you’ll want to be one of our featured filmmakers. Please contact us for details.

In the coming months we will also offer contests where great prizes like camera equipment, sliders, neutral density filters, and cash will flow to the best entries.

We hope you like our approach and come along for the ride. At the very least, you can keep up on the adventure and release of each film by following us on Twitter and liking our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you there – and here, in the months and years to come as we support and share that special art that is timelapse filmmaking.

* These terms are defined by our producer/filmmaker agreement. Please see them for the details.