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A space for time lapse filmmakers to earn from their videos & audiences to discover & reward talent.

Submission Guidelines

Timelapse Videos On The Timelapse ChannelPlease note, this is a work in progress. All submissions will ultimately be governed by the terms and conditions in our written agreement. In the event there is any conflict with language appearing here or elsewhere on the website and the written agreement, the terms and conditions of the written agreement will be definitive and prevail.

TimeLapse Channel Curated Selections
These can be any timelapse video that may be lawfully embedded via a credible video hosting service such as Vimeo or YouTube. There is no revenue share with the filmmakers. These are simply excellent videos we feel worthy of offering to our audience.

TimeLapse Channel Featured Films
These are extraordinary timelapse videos presented via our TimeLapse Channel Featured Film process. Producers of these films are eligible for revenue sharing in several ways. These videos are governed by our written agreement. Basic eligibility includes: extraordinary quality and creativity, model and property releases from any party that may be subject to same, and written proof of rights to any music or other non-owned media incorporated in the timelapse video.

We’d love to hear from you and would love to help our audience discover and reward you for your hard work. Please submit your timelapse movies via our contact page to start the process. In your message please indicate which program you feel matches your project (Curated or Featured).