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The Golden Gate Way – A Film By The Seventh Movement

The Golden Gate Way by The Seventh Movement is the second film in our TimeLapse Channel Curated Selection series. These are timelapse videos we’ve spotted that we feel are of exceptional quality and creativity which we enjoyed and we hope you will too.

Not a pure timelapse production as there is some slow motion and what appears to be real time footage in the mix. However, 100% purity is not a requirement, exceptional vision and execution are, and this film from The Seventh Movement’s Thom McCallum and Vincent Guglielmina certainly meets that criteria.

It is a fun, uber impressionistic, virtually psychedelic visual feast of fireworks experienced near San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Hopefully, clicking the HD button will allow you to enjoy it in high definition. Give that a try but know some accounts are not allowed that feature on Vimeo. Certainly watch it full screen. There is also much interesting music. Turn it up.

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